About us.

Our Story

Although our roots are much older, OlyBet Sports Bar, as we know it today, began its operations in 2013. Our mission was simple – provide the perfect location for sports fans, where they can enjoy fantastic bar offers while immersing themselves in sporting spirit. As we like to say, “Where sports meets entertainment”. With various locations widely spread across Latvia and the Baltics, we’re one of the top choices when it comes to sports entertainment.

More than a bar

Fantastic food and drinks are not our only strength. We love sports! That’s why you’ll often see us at major sporting events. OlyBet Sports Bar has been and is a proud sponsor of local and even global teams and athletes who share our passion for excellence. We’ve also provided catering services for various sports events and festivals, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delightful meal.

We're here to stay

Our mission and vision remain unwavering. We want to provide top-notch service and ensure that you’re well taken care of. If you’re thinking of a sports bar, think OlyBet Sports Bar. With several entertainment events coming up, we’re committed to sharing the passion with you.